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About Us

BRAND SOURCING BD was founded in 2012. We are a sourcing specialist with 8 years of industry acumen, boasting one of the largest Asian sourcing networks. BRAND SOURCING BD is a global trading sourcing company established a vision to manage the extensive array of products, making complete utilization of the strength, skills and prices offered by each country.

BRAND SOURCING BD is proud to acknowledge our staff as being the driving force of our company’s success We have a team of highly trained professionals and technicians who participate in continuing education to keep abreast of all major market trends and technological developments Our customer’s confidence.

BRAND SOURCING BD is committed to develop close ties with our esteemed customers through personalized services, co operation, and assistance that translate into the highest standard in quality, delivery time, and value Our hands on and versatile management approach allow us to monitor all the processes, from preassessments to shipping, in order to address and comply with all of our customer’s need and expectation.

We focus on strategies that anticipate and deliver effective sourcing for client brands in terms of cost, quality, service and innovation, while ensuring our production chain is socially responsible. Our in-house technical experts consistently translate designs into products of high quality. We endeavour to fully comply with local regulatory standards at the diverse markets in which our businesses operate.



Reliable Quality

Products we source are consistently of the highest possible quality.

On-Time Deliveries

We aim to deliver on time, all the time.

Value Added Services

A line about the service you've mentioned above.


Competitive Pricing

Our standard pricing model is based on factual and systemic bench marking.

Ethical Sourcing

We promise to uphold socially responsible practices throughout our sourcing chain.

Customised Modular Services

Every project is different - customizing a program that best fits each profile is our standard practice


Quick samples

Our in-house sample section has capacity to create 2,000 samples per month for any purpose. We are proud of our partnerships with leading suppliers in Bangladesh, all offering the fastest of turn around to make your concept a reality.

MOQ & Timelines

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)

  •  Low to Big Volume


  • Bangladesh – 60-90 days

Shipping Mode

  • Free On Board (FOB)

Payment Terms

  • Latter of Credit (L/C) at sight
  • Advance Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)

How We Work

Our Vendors are Certified By

Global Networking

BRAND SOURCING BD maintains a strong global presence, particularly in dynamic emerging markets throughout Asia. Most of our sourcing business is based in some of the fastest rising hubs within the region.

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